Lindsay is one of the most genuinely selfless people I have ever known. It is rare to meet a person whose every thought, every action, is of others. She cared for me throughout my pregnancy in the most beautiful, thoughtful way. I felt truly SEEN - in her yoga class, at our meetings, and at my birth. Lindsay is obviously doing the work she was meant to do. She cares for others with such devotion, passion and ease it’s clear she has found her calling. I am honored to know her, perfectly impressed with her skills as a doula and caregiver, and even more proud to call her my friend.
— Latricia Askew, Minneapolis MN - Mom of 3
Lindsay was amazing! She was essential to the labor team - I truly could not have asked for a better person to help support the mom during labor
— Theresa -- Nurse, Mother Baby Center, Abbott Northwestern
I’ve worked with and known Lindsay for close to 10 years. I admire her commitment to developing herself. She has a generous nature and naturally supports others. I love seeing her with her daughters, and being a mom. It’s so obvious the love she has for everyone in her life.
— Brandyn
Lindsay coached me and my husband through an amazing birth experience. As someone who was not sure we necessarily needed a doula I am SO HAPPY we made the decision and were able to have Lindsay with us on that day. During labor Lindsay gave both me and my husband confidence and a sense of calm. She also was a great support person who I felt I could go to before the birth and once we were home with the baby as well.
— Clare
I am so excited the world has another amazing doula! I love Lindsay because she is an amazing mix of strong character, strong conviction, non-judgmental, and is deeply caring(just to name a few of her awesome characteristics); all which make for an awesome doula! Whether practing yoga or discussing wishes for your birth, she has a deep passion to help you get what you want in your journey. If I were to have another child, I would definitely choose Lindsay to be by my side, supporting me and my partner!
— Mary Ann
I was very happy to have Lindsay as my Doula. She embodies a certain feminine strength, calmness and confidence that is very supportive. She is caring and sensitive and next to guiding me during labor she also formed a great team with my husband!
— Lisanne
Lindsay was able to give me confidence and a sense of direction during Clare’s labor. Not knowing what to expect next, but wanting to be there to support my wife, Lindsay was the perfect mix of coach and nurturer. I absolutely loved having her there with us. She reassured me when I wasn’t sure and stepped in if I needed a break. All couples should use a doula.
— Rory