Meet Lindsay

I was pretty clueless about pregnancy and birth when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  A friend mentioned how she planned to have a doula at her birth.  “Doula what?” I remember asking so many questions and was in complete awe with the idea of having someone knowledgeable by my side throughout my entire labor and delivery. My husband was excited by the idea of not being the only one at my side.  The same friend mentioned going to Blooma for prenatal yoga.  After a few classes at Blooma, hiring my doula and completing childbirth education classes, I felt completely empowered to give birth.  My mind had switched from the idea of birth as something that was going to just happen to me, to the idea of it being a life-changing experience where I had choices.  

I ended up with two doulas at my birth.  I felt love and compassion throughout my experience.  Of course not everything went as planned, but I was informed and my voice was heard.  A few weeks later while feeding my daughter, a fire built up inside me and I knew at that moment I would be a doula.  I consider it an honor to support other women on their journey into motherhood: to provide a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, comforting words and reassurance as she and her partner have their own life-changing experience.

I believe that every birth is unique and should be celebrated.  My role is to give emotional and physical support to you and your partner before, during and right after delivery.  I will help you create the birth plan that is right for you and help keep you informed and empowered along the journey.  

Before becoming a yoga teacher and doula I was a corporate retail buyer for Target, Macy’s and West Elm.  I grew up and finished school in Indiana, but have lived in Minneapolis for over 15 years with a couple of years in both New York City and Singapore.  My second daughter was born abroad.  I have been married for 10 years and live in South Minneapolis with my husband, my two girls and a French Bulldog we adopted in Queens.