-Gaja is sanskrit for elephant-

I chose this word because it personifies such qualities as abundance, fertility, boldness and strength. Mama elephants are pregnant for almost 2 years. When labor begins you can often find a herd of elephants surrounding the mother protecting and supporting her as she delivers her baby.


Why Lindsay, the Gaja Doula?

Lindsay was an integral part of my birth team! She met with us several times prior to birth and was fully informed about my preferences in advance. She checked in with us frequently as we neared our due date, and reminded me to be patient as the date came...and went. When my water broke and labor started, Lindsay was ready for us. She arrived at the right time, and immediately got to work drawing me a bath and setting the stage for a peaceful labor environment despite the less-than-ideal location (my hospital was full and so my room was not one of the fancy ones they show you on the tour). She had her essential oils ready and helped me pick the scent that was right for my mindset. She knew just when to massage and when to suggest a change in position. Her hands were like magic on my aching back! She was able to remind a new nurse of our birthing preferences when the new nurse wasn’t up-to-speed on our desire for immediate skin-to-skin following delivery. Both my labor nurse and my midwife commented multiple times on how wonderful Lindsay was - as a fellow doula, that praise means a lot! My midwife even asked for her information so she can refer patients to her! I would recommend Lindsay to anyone, and would definitely hire her again if we have any more babies! Thank you, Lindsay, for helping to make the birth of my third son my best birth yet!!
— Amanda